Captured By a Rogue Lord (Rogues of the Sea)

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But it is not to be, for the very next morning Patricia learns that her parents have betrothed her to another man and she is forced into an unhappy and loveless marriage. When she does not return to their meeting place, Nikolas searches for Patricia before running off to the Navy to try to forget about her.

Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys - Disc 2

This book then tells the story of what happens nine years later when the two characters meet again. Is it just down to chance or are there stronger forces at work here? Is someone once again fiddling with their futures, or it is simply destiny that their paths must cross again and entwine?

It is a short story, but I found it to be a delightfully sweet and heart-warming read. A fortnight back in London and he looked for her everywhere, upon the street, in the drawings rooms, in the lips and eyes and hair and hands he danced with in crowded ballrooms. But all men were not like Oliver. Some were passionate. She had kissed a man of that sort once.

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Captured by a Rogue Lord | Katharine Ashe

If you are located outside the U. Katharine Ashe writes with eloquence and power. With Captured by a Rogue Lord , Ashe again grandly flourishes the winning mix of danger and passion with outrageous action and amazing sensuality that made her previous novel, Swept Away by a Kiss , an unadulterated delight.

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Swept Away by a Kiss

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Pirate romances have come a long way since the bodice-rippers of the olden day, and Ms. Despite the dark, Serena closed her eyes, her nerves singing with perverse anticipation.

She swallowed lumpily. Her chance at escape beckoned. In for a penny…. His thumb caressed her jaw languidly, tilting her chin up to fit her mouth more fully to his.

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She released another tiny sigh. He dipped the tip of his tongue between her lips, warmth flooded into her, and Serena awoke from her mystical sleep of sham respectability into the glorious, sparkling realm of her thoroughly tarnished virtue. ISBN Captured by a Rogue Lord. Then, one night, stealing away from yet another disappointing ball, Serena finds herself trapped alone with a stranger… Until he captured her—body and soul. Pin It. Facebook Twitter. Audio: Audible Apple Books. Connected Books.