Les Africaines: Histoire des femmes dAfrique noire du XIXe au XXe siècles (Outremer) (French Edition)

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CDMF : Football par et pour les femmes. Humanities and Social Sciences - Social Anthropology and ethnology. Quantitative Finance - Economies and finances - Business administration - Sociology. Law - Economies and finances - Gender studies - Business administration - Political science - Sociology. Colloque en l'honneur du Pr Yves Escoufier. Humanities and Social Sciences - Library and information sciences - Literature. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Demography - Library and information sciences - Sociology - Methods and statistics. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Demography - Economies and finances - Geography - Methods and statistics.

Art and art history - Gender studies - Geography - History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences - History - Library and information sciences - Linguistics - Literature - Cultural heritage and museology. Environmental Sciences - Continental interfaces, environment - Ocean, Atmosphere.


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Spaces and energies of digital infrastructures. Computers and Society - Architecture, space management - Library and information sciences. Economies and finances - Business administration - Methods and statistics. Quantitative Finance - Economies and finances - Methods and statistics. Material chemistry - Polymers - Medicinal Chemistry - Biotechnology - Bioengineering - Human health and pathology - Pharmaceutical sciences - Materials.

History - Linguistics - Literature - Musicology and performing arts. Cognitive science - Linguistics - Linguistics - Political science - Sociology. An interdisciplinary international conference on the use, regulation and control of agrochemicals in sub-Saharan countries.

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Login Create account Lost password? Main menu Home. Administrator guide. Coordinator guide. Administrative guide. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Library and information sciences - Political science - Sociology. Music, exercise and medicine. Environmental and Sociaty - Architecture, space management - Geography. Quantitative Finance - Economies and finances - Business administration. Biodiversity and Ecology - Environmental and Sociaty - Economies and finances - Environmental studies. Assemblages, circulations, imaginaires".

Continental interfaces, environment - Climatology - Geophysics - Hydrology - Meteorology. Dynamiques normatives autour de la violence contemporaine. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Archaeology and Prehistory - Architecture, space management - Art and art history - Economies and finances - Environmental studies - Geography - Library and information sciences - Cultural heritage and museology.

Art and art history - Library and information sciences - Literature. CHEERS : Global changes in estuarine and coastal systems functioning : innovative approaches and assessment tools. MIST : Cosmic turbulence and magnetic fields : physics of baryonic matter across time and scales. Materials - Mechanics - Mechanical engineering - Mechanics of materials - Mechanics of the solides - Mechanics of the structures - Other. Biodiversity and Ecology - Global Changes - Continental interfaces, environment - Biodiversity - Ecology, environment.

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Storia, archeologia e miti. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Archaeology and Prehistory - Architecture, space management - Geography - Cultural heritage and museology - Sociology. Enjeux et perspectives pour une nouvelle dynamique. Humanities and Social Sciences - Social Anthropology and ethnology - Architecture, space management - Environmental studies - Political science - Sociology. Mechanics - Acoustics - Biomechanics - Materials and structures in mechanics - Mechanics of the solides - Vibrations. RBE : La recherche biographique en situations et en dialogues : enjeux et perspectives.

Mobilities and Materialities : Building bridge between Past and Future. Continental interfaces, environment - Ocean, Atmosphere - Earth Sciences. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Geography - History - Sociology. As new editors of the African Geographical Review formerly the East African Geographical Review , we write to solicit quality research manuscript submissions. It provides a medium for publication of geographical material relating to Africa and seeks to enhance the standing of regional geography by promoting a better representation of geographic scholarship on Africa.

We welcome submissions from any sub-field of geography as well as contributions that are theoretical, empirical or applied in nature. Five kinds of submissions are requested: research articles, methodological or field notes, featured reflections, commentaries and book reviews. Research articles should consist of original research material and not exceed words in length. Methodological or field notes explore methodological or field issues and should not exceed words.

Research articles and methodological or field notes are peer reviewed. They should be accompanied by a word abstract and three to four keywords. Featured reflections on an aspect of African geographical scholarship should be no more than words. Commentaries are short punchy articles up to words that address a contemporary African issue. Featured reflections and commentaries are reviewed in-house by the editors and the editorial board. Book reviews should be no more than words and the editor should be contacted about a potential book review before it is undertaken.

Inquiries can be made via e-mail or phone.

The Study of Globalising Processes from a Southern Perspective

Ian Yeboah, Editor Email: yeboahie muohio. William Moseley, Associate Editor Mail: moseley macalester. Today, the problem of health disparity is attracting heightened scientific attention, and there is no shortage of research on acute and chronic health problems. This heightened attention is more often than not set within a biomedical frame of what constitutes health and well-being, but at the same time, there is growing awareness that illness is not simply a biomedical phenomenon.

But less on the forefront of our consciousness as directly health-related are the intractable economic, political, environmental, racial, ethnic, social, military, and other historically created social ills and vulnerabilities. Illness is a function of the social, cultural and environmental worlds we create by our collective histories.

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According to this view, physical and mental illness are symptoms of complex and often long-term adverse social policies and cultural directions. This view invites questions as to the adequacy of definitions, investigative strategies, explanations, diagnoses, and solutions based on a system of knowledge anchored in epistemic power relations forged over centuries. This is an interdisciplinary conference, and participation is invited from academics as well as other professionals, from faculty and from graduate students. Presenters may address any of the following or related topics as panels, individual papers, round tables, or poster presentations.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:. Panel Proposals: Submissions are encouraged for panels of presenters and a discussant. Panel proposals should contain the following:. A titled abstract describing the panel topic in no more than words. A list of all participants with contact information address, telephone number, e-mail address and institutional affiliation.

A titled abstract of each individual presentation. Designation of panel Chair and Discussant. For further information africana cas. He was also an IMIE assessor for electoral preparations and the polling process for the January 30, elections and the October 15, constitutional referendum in Iraq.

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  4. In the same issue pp. The documentary presents the tragic and scandalous story of a vibrant community of Cape Verde Island immigrants living in the Fox Point section of Providence, Rhode Island, where Andrade-Watkins herself was born. Three generations of Cape Verdeans were forcibly displaced in the ls and ls by urban renewal to make way for the fancy coffee shops, antique stores, and elegantly restored houses that now fill the streets of Fox Point. William F. The official language will be English. For more information or to register contact: s.

    On average Germany has been the second most important trading partner of these countries and one of the five most important sources of foreign direct investment FDI in Africa. At the end of the Cold War Germany maintained a dense diplomatic network in Africa south of the Sahara with 40 fully-fledged diplomatic missions Yet this relative importance has not translated into a comparable amount of academic interest.

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