The Adventures of Robin Hood

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As Robin Hood, Flynn had again been paired with year-old Olivia de Havilland in an apparent effort to recreate the successful formula of their previous films together. Chemistry was there though.

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It was there. Despite the now legendary fractious on-set relations, The Adventures of Robin Hood was a resounding success with audiences and critics and won three Academy Awards. But I was tired.

Classic 30s Movie: “The Adventures of Robin Hood”

The hard work, the round of social life in Hollywood, my trying personal life with Lili [Damita, actress and then wife of three years], this was all a drain. A sequel was proposed to capitalise on the film's success but the follow-up, to be titled Sir Robin of Locksley , was never developed. The NFSA has been collecting local and international posters of Australian feature films for many years.

Skip to main content. A swashbuckling 80th anniversary Share. The Adventures of Robin Hood , The film is in Technicolor and features an Academy Award -winning score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold , one of the pioneers of film music. Flynn received outstanding support from his fellow cast members, especially de Havilland and Rathbone. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

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Submit Feedback. All of this likely would have been fine if WB was confident in the film they were receiving from Chico.

Whether directing melodramas like Casablanca , musicals like Yankee Doodle Dandy , or gangster pictures like Angels with Dirty Faces , he always was able to bend his skills to what the studio wanted and, more importantly, to what the picture he was working on most needed. On Robin Hood , Curtiz brought on his own cinematographer Sol Polito and a new energy that while perhaps hellish for Flynn and de Havilland nevertheless got better results from them than any of the swashbucklers they made with other filmmakers.


Greentree Classic Films, The Adventures Of Robin Hood - video dailymotion

Likewise, the fact that stunts were so straightforwardly done around these scenes, including with archery master Howard Hill actually splitting his own arrow in the archery tournament sequence, infuses the grandiose daydream with a palpable reality. Rode estimates the filmmaker directed between 50 and 67 percent of the finished film.

For instance, the film does play up, if ever so subtly, the social concerns of its producers.

The adventures of Robin Hood part 1

In turn, The Adventures of Robin Hood emphasizes the Norman and Saxon divide within England to a much greater degree than later films, which uniformly simplify it to the rich versus the poor. I have no relation for it and therefore cannot produce music for it.

Production notes and credits

He shortly thereafter agreed to write what became one of the defining movie scores of the s… if Jack Warner could help get the rest of his family out of Austria. The Adventures of Robin Hood literally saved lives like a green clad do-gooder, and that feat is reflected in its music, which no matter how painful for its author, boasts a relentlessly jolly disposition.

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It is the definitive legend that shapes what Robin Hood is even supposed to look like a century onward. Read more of his work here.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

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