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However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Our sponsorship policy. There are countless superlatives you can use to describe Dubai.

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But "lush," "tropical," or "verdant" would not be anywhere near the top of that list. Now, one architecture firm has big ambitions to make a small corner of the emirate all of those things for World Expo It will sit on a 1, square-meter site located in the Expo's Sustainability District, a minute drive south of Downtown Dubai.

A city in a garden. The Pavilion is inspired by its theme of 'Nature. Credit: Singapore Pavilion, Expo Dubai. The creative vision for the Singapore Pavilion is that of a dense, multi-layered three-dimensional greening space - a city that is set in a garden.

Visitors will be able to walk amid tropical trees, shrubs and orchids on the ground level.

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Above, a canopy walk connecting three cones draped in vertical greenery, creating a lush hanging garden. Look no further than the city-state's iconic supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay. The towering steel structures vary from 25 to 50 meters in height and harvest rainwater for use in the gardens, and solar panels to generate power. Their initial discussions spawned something neither imagined.


Slattery quickly called in two of his most sought after graduates, Jonathan Kinder and Dave Williams. Kinder and Williams served as project managers from design through installation for the Tournament.

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They continuously integrated the various aspects of science, technology, architecture, and sustainability, working with diverse collaborators. Kinder and Williams immediately tapped into their own academic mentor, consulting with Dr. Tony Burgess, advisor for their theses about green roofs. Burgess encouraged a new group of student researchers, the Green Roof Applied Projects Team, to focus on the logistics of rapidly designing and installing a green roof system. The two artists brought valuable expertise and experience, and they quickly coordinated design liaisons with Anderson Anderson Architecture, based in San Francisco, creating the architecture and engineering for the Pavilion.

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After an intensive design charette led by Peter Anderson, Mark Anderson, Schoepp, and Powell, ideas rapidly began to flow. They realized that the structure could become grander than they had imagined, but also more expensive.

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  8. It was here that NextEra Energy Resources stepped in and footed much of the bill. Several other groups collaborated throughout the process, providing diverse kinds of expertise and materials.